Bridal Bouquets

August 26, 2010 Bouquet Flowers

The joy shared at a formal wedding is enormous and really captivating because the joy and warmth at the weddings truly reaches the heart. Flowers are one of the main items of a wedding and the theme of the wedding truly comes out through the flowers used for the occasion. Wedding flowers are not only used but they are carried and worn as well. The common theme of the wedding actually decides the flowers which are the best suited for the wedding arrangement. However, we cannot tend to forget the most important floral arrangement during the wedding which is the bridal bouquet and it becomes the most significant aspect of the bridal flowers.

The bridal bouquet is the floral arrangement which is carried by the bride as she walks through the aisle to the altar and most of the brides try to match the wedding flowers and the flowers used in the bridal bouquet according to the color of the dresses of the bridesmaids as this will help to perfectly match the theme of the wedding. You will be surprised to note that the dresses of the brides and bridesmaids catch the first attention of the guests followed by the bridal bouquet and the wedding flowers which are the next important items in the wedding. Apart from this, then there are the flowers which are worn by the members of the wedding party and they are also a part of the wedding flowers.

There should be a common color or combination in the wedding flowers chosen for the wedding day so that the wedding theme is aptly portrayed to the guests.Most of the time, the wedding planners decide the flower types based on the theme of the wedding and the bridal bouquet is also chosen by them. However, many of the brides are very choosy on how their wedding day should be like and they are also particular on the flowers which are used as the bridal bouquet.