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August 26, 2010 Featured Flowers

Love abounds in the smile of flowers and radiates from it. There is only joy and happiness which we feel when we look at flowers and God has bestowed us great happiness by surrounding us with various kinds of flowers. A beautiful arrangement of flowers calms our heart and also allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature. Looking at a bunch of flowers makes us feel so special and also allows us to admire the beauty which is hidden in our life.

Florists use various kinds of flowers for use and when variously colored flowers come together, they bestow us great happiness. A dull room can be enlightened by just the addition of some fresh flowers. The fragrance emanated from flowers spreads all around the room and a vase of fresh flowers can definitely change the atmosphere of the room to a pleasant one. Florists who arrange flowers make use of several flowers while making their arrangement so that users can get an idea of how several flowers can fit in with each other and can form a beautiful arrangement.

Most of the bouquets are made up of the flowers as per the florist’s choice, however, sometimes the bouquets are also custom-made and then the flowers used in the bouquet is decided by the florist himself. Both featured flowers and assortment of filler flowers are used to prepare floral arrangements and the filler flowers are used in such combinations whereby which the main flowers in the bouquet are adequately accentuated. Most of the times when customers ask queries about certain floral types, it becomes difficult for the florists to explain it to them since they are not the usual flowers available around us.

Some flowers do serve a specific purpose and are used in such exclusive bouquet arrangements such as Alstroemeria which is an indicator of friendship and is used exclusively in friendship bouquets.

It would surely be a thoughtful deed to send flowers to someone we love or people that are important to us. As we all know flowers are truly special creations themselves and giving them to those people means we acknowledge both of their significance to our lives. Choosing the right flower may seem easy, having to get a picture of that arrangement in our mind or deciding to browse some flower photos from a magazine or the internet. But the truth is, picking the correct flower entails careful consideration of both sides—the person or people and the flowers themselves.

Our Purpose

To begin with, choosing flowers should be based on you goal. You should ask yourself, “What do these flowers serve for?” And you should be able to answer that—whether they’re for gifts, for decors, or just plain beautiful that’s why you love to buy them.  Knowing that goal would keep you on the right track when you buy flowers and won’t get you confounded from the many available floral stuffs in the market.

Good Timing

One important reason why floral arrangements and floral designs boom in the market is the countless demands for flowers to fit the occasion. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, housewarmings, corporate events, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, among the many occasion people observe every year give more importance for the purpose of flowers. Because flowers do have their own meaning, florists use this as a basis to make each floral design significant to the event. So, whenever you order pre-arranged or personalized flower arrangements and designs, you should always consider the occasion.

The Depth of Colors

Using colors as your basis for the perfect flower is a good idea. For most of us, we choose flowers because certain colors attract us and they really make the flowers to create a splendid spectacle. It’s typically okay but to make your gift giving more expressive and thoughtful you should also consider the meaning of colors. For a simple background you should know that blue symbolizes serenity, calmness, and peacefulness, a color that’s great for a serene home decor, while it emphasizes your recipient being thoughtful, romantic, and dreamy.

Red – a color that’s all about passion, love, and energy. It reminds us of our animal instincts and kindles the flames of our desire. While it expresses passionate and energetic the person is.

White – it associates with innocence, humility, reverence, and simplicity. It tells how elegant, classic, and sophisticated the person receiving is.

Pink – it reflects grace, gentility, and happiness when used as a decor. While it expresses sweetness, lovingness, femininity, or innocence of the person.

Yellow – a symbol of truth, clarity, and intellect. It also evokes feeling of joy, light-heartedness, and friendliness. The same is true for the person you’re giving to.

Purple – brings an aura of royalty, dignity, pride, and success. While it means the person is romantic, creative, and that he or she makes you proud.

Orange – it means expansion, growth, and warmth, and conveys confidence, satisfaction, and passion for life. The person receiving is passionate, fiery, thoughtful, and sincere.

Green – it tells about the lushness of spring and nature, the renewal, growth, hope, health, and youth.

The Substance of a Bloom

Every flower regardless of its color still possesses a meaning. It’s very important to consider what their nature tells if you want to give weight to your message especially if it strongly deals with your emotions and thoughts. Women always pay attention to that so make double effort to know when you’re dealing with them. When things are better left unsaid, you can always have flowers anyway to get that out of your chest—be it everlasting love, admiration, heartaches, goodbyes, everything.

There are still more ways how to choose the perfect and appropriate flowers like having them in a bouquet or in a vase, with or without fruits, stuffed toys, or chocolates, whether they’d come in bunch or solitary, and last but not the least, always make sure that you order flowers that are fresh to make everything really special, deep, and sincere.

Apparently, not everyone can appreciate the beauty of floral arrangements because of allergies. Some people are really not blessed to feel the beauty of some flowers especially those with pollens because these pollens can serve as allergens which can trigger the allergic reaction of the person. People who are allergic to floral plants would not be able to stand the presence of these plants for a long period of time because they would begin to sneeze endlessly. It will only be relieved once the trigger is removed and a medication is given.

Because of this, people who are allergic to flowers would not appreciate it if you are going to give them floral arrangements. Actually, some people would not even attend celebrations wherein floral arrangements are used as decorations because they do not want their allergic reactions to be triggered. Aside from that, they also do not want to risk being sick that is why they are not attending such celebrations.

Generally speaking, there isn’t any cure for these types of allergies. The treatment is only for the temporary relief of the allergic reaction and not for permanent cure. While there are not any hypoallergenic floral plants, a florist can suggest you with floral arrangements that can make the allergic people happy without making them sick.

Although some would think that it is impossible to find a floral arrangement that can be suitable for people with allergies, it is actually possible to send flowers to someone even if they are allergic. Those who have mild allergies can still enjoy the beauty of floral arrangements. It would be best to avoid floral plants with pollen because it will be the trigger to allergic reactions. It would be best to avoid floral plants with too much fragrance because the fragrance of the floral plants came from pollen.

If you would like to send flowers to someone who has allergies, here are some of the best choices.

The tea roses are great choices for people with allergies. These types of roses do not shed pollen, so it will not cause any allergies. Aside from that, you can also choose spray roses. These are allergy-free and can make great alternatives for roses with long stems because the long-stemmed roses are not suitable for people with allergies.

Another type of floral plant that is suitable for people with allergies would be daisies. These plants are pollen free so you are guaranteed that it won’t cause allergies. There are many different breed of daisies that are equally beautiful and will surely make great floral arrangements. These daisies can brighten up someone’s day. You can choose dahlias and chrysanthemums because these are great choices for daisies. However, you should avoid the common breed of daisies because they have pollen.

If you want a larger floral plant, you can choose lilies. Breeds of lilies nowadays are free from pollen. You can also remove the anthers of the lilies because this is where the pollen is.

True enough, there are no hypoallergenic floral plants, but the experts in the flower industry are making ways on how to make everyone happy through flowers, including those who have allergies.

While there are no hypoallergenic flowers, it is still possible to make an allergic person happy through floral arrangements. You can ask your florist about the different types of floral arrangements that can be given to someone who has allergies to floral plants.