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One of the most popular traditions about flowers is giving them to people, whether to represent our feelings, as a form of keepsake, and of course as a gift. We send flowers because they possess such intricate and unique beauty which makes them so special, and we want the person to feel also special. It doesn’t matter whoever that person is because flowers are boundless. Their beauty embraces anyone who knows how to appreciate them.

An important aspect in giving flowers is by knowing the personality of the person we’re sending them to. But in case we don’t, this alternative way to which we can base our choice may help us in our endeavor.

Every month has its own flower which represents the uniqueness of a person born in that month. For a birth flower, it gives more meaning and depth like making our gifts more specialized and thoughtful. So, this birth flower guide aims to give everyone not only assistance but also significance when we give flowers to people.

January: Carnation


Carnations symbolize beauty, pride, love, fascination, and distinction. The dark red variants represent deep love and affection, while the light ones for admiration. Pure love and good luck are what the white carnations symbolize, the striped ones mean refusal of a love, yellow for disdain, and violet for capriciousness. But the very symbolic significance of carnations is with the pink variants that represent the Virgin Mary’s tears upon seeing Jesus’ plight. Pink carnations have said to have sprung up from the ground and thus remain to be a symbol of a mother’s undying love.  Its Latin name is dianthus meaning “divine flower”.

February: Iris


Iris expresses peace of mind, friendship, faith, hope, and wisdom. It’s from a genus of flowering plants with a Greek name meaning rainbow that refers to the wide variety of colors found in each of its species. The warm and deep color of the iris is an indication of the luxuries of the spring season aside from the fact that February has been known to be a month of romance and love.

March: Daffodil


In the language of flowers, daffodils represent chivalry, respect, modesty, and faithfulness. They can mean rebirth and hope because they’re one of the first flowers of spring, and also unrequited love.

April: Daisy


Having a name derived from “day’s eye” because of its head closes at night and opens in the morning, daisy is associated with innocence. As a birth flower, it also means simplicity and modesty.

May: Lily of the Valley


Lily of the valley has a meaning of humility, chastity, sweetness, and purity. It’s a wonderfully fragrant flower and a real beauty with its delicate white blossoms. It also means the return of happiness. Due to its bell shaped flowers hanging down from the stem, it’s known as “the ladder to heaven”. It has a specific name called majalis which means “that which belongs to May”.

June: Rose


Rose is the ancient symbol of love and beauty. It’s the flower of passion as it’s believed to be the flower which Aphrodite the goddess of love gave to Eros the god of love. Rose comes in variety of hues which also carry different symbolic meanings. Red means love. Pink means grace.  Dark pink means gratitude. Light pink means admiration and sympathy. White means innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence, and humility. Yellow means dying love or platonic love. Orange means passion. Burgundy means beauty. Blue means mystery.

As it’s already stated, flowers possess a beauty that’s unique to each other like how a person differs from another person. For this reason, flowers are also chosen to symbolize the birth of a person according to month. Here is the second part of our subject about birth flowers to continue to give meaning and depth whenever we send flowers to people who are special to us.

July: Larkspur


Larkspur signifies lightness, levity, laughter, and relaxing energy. It’s a prized cut flower that blooms between June and September. Having connections to Saint Odile, this flower was a popular medicine used against eye diseases.

August: Gladiolus


It is the flower that signifies strength of character, sincerity, and generosity. It looks like a sword with its tall stalks, hence deriving its name after the gladiators. It comes in every color except blue.

September: Aster


This flower is a symbol of love, afterthought, faith, wisdom, valor, and light. Its name came from a Greek word for “star”, which refers to the shape of the flower head. Its unique and delicate purple color suggests the core aspect of the Self being brought to high spiritual level of expression. While its well defined physical structure and strong integrative features are thought to be qualities of strength, immunity, and integration.  It also symbolizes patience and daintiness and considered as a classic autumn flower.

October: Marigold


Also known as calendula, Marigold is the October birth flower. Because its flower head follows the sun, marigold is also called “summer bride” or “husbandmans dial”. Its name means “winning grace” and considered once to be the most sacred of flowers, thus symbolizes sacred affection.

November: Chrysanthemum


This beautiful November birth flower symbolizes cheerfulness, rest, loveliness, optimism, abundance, and wealth. Although the red variant means love, the yellow one means slighted love, and the white means truth. It’s also known as mums, although its original name is derived from Greek prefix chrys-, which means golden, and suffix –anthemon, meaning flower by Carolus Linnaeus, the famous taxonomist in 17th century. It is also bears the symbol of the sun.

December: Poinsettia


Poinsettias equal celebration, success, reassurance, and good cheer. Also known as the Christmas Star, it is revered for its striking red displays at Christmas time and is associated with it. The legend tells about the child who could not afford a gift to offer to Christ, but with all humility and love, picked some weeds and brought them into the church. The weeds bloomed into red and green flowers making the Christmas miracle.

Now we have completed the birth month flowers and we hope that this gives you a clear idea of how flowers can really serve as personalized gift. You can order flowers every now and then and give them to people but the beauty lies on the fact that you know why you chose those flowers.

There have been a lot of studies about how nature can calm the spirit. Actually, having a peaceful environment with beautiful surroundings filled with Vancouver Canada flowers helps in setting a stable mood. These flowers indeed have its own unique way of stabilizing a person’s emotions. It can also improve our health mysteriously.

Flowers can help in soothing the senses and provide a feeling of relaxation. Anybody who is feeling depressed or down will be cheered up after receiving a beautiful bouquet of colorful blossoms. Hence, this is the reason why online Vancouver flowers delivery services are getting popular.

Generally speaking, flowers depict a lot of different meanings. Different types and colors have its corresponding meaning. This is why these blossoms are perfect for conveying emotions or feelings that one can’t say personally. For example, sending a beautiful bouquet to someone who is celebrating her birthday would be a great way to extend your greetings especially if you can’t make it on the day of the celebration. Receiving a bouquet will definitely make her feel special and happy during her birthday.

These blossoms symbolize beauty, purity, and cleanliness. Most females are fascinated by its beauty and believe it or not, males also appreciate the beauty of these blooms. With its different colors and scents, it can convey different emotions such as joy, contrition, romance, sympathy, and many other emotions. It also has the ability to heighten the emotional status of any person. Aside from that, beautiful floral arrangements can also be used in religious ceremonies. The type and the color of the flower would depend on the ceremony being held such as graduations, weddings, burials, and anniversaries. Apparently, each of these arrangements and colors has various impacts to everyone.

Therefore, if you know someone who is down or going through a lot of problems lately, you can help her to cheer up by sending a lovely bouquet of flowers. Make sure that the flowers that you are going to send are appropriate because as mentioned, these flowers convey different meanings. You might send a flower that is intended for a funeral or a burial and that would only cause more tension to the receiver. Choose flowers that convey a positive energy and will uplift the spirits of the recipient.

If you don’t have an idea about the type of flower that you’d like to give, you might want to consult a florist. A florist is someone who specializes in flowers and will give you an idea about the best flowers to give to someone whom you’d like to cheer up. You have the option to look for a local flower shop and personally talk to the florist or you can also look for an online flowers Vancouver delivery services which is operated by the grower and florist. Usually, these online shops are contactable via phone or email. You can contact the online florist to ask for more information about the flowers that they can recommend for someone whom you’d like to cheer up.

Flowers are known to provide a soothing and relaxing feeling. If you would like to cheer up someone who is currently undergoing a lot of problems in life, then sending a bouquet of beautiful flowers would be helpful. However, you have to be careful with the type of flowers to send since these can have different meanings. You can always consult a florist if you’d like to know more about the type of flowers that can improve one’s emotions.