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Nature has blessed us with a very beautiful creation named Flowers. They are the most wonderful and charming things on Earth. They develop an environment around themselves which changes everyone’s mood. Their pleasant fragrance and lovely look attract everyone’s attention towards them.

Flowers are the best gift you can give to someone on a special occasion. They fit into being the most suitable and appropriate gift for every occasion. Whether it is a Wedding occasion or it is a birthday, gifting flower is the best gift you can give someone. They are a perfect way to express each and every feeling which you feel for the people concerned to the occasion. There are many florists in Canada but Calgary flowers are the best florist who provides arrangements for all kind of occasions. They have been serving the city from many years and have satisfied their valued customers by providing fresh and properly arranged floral services.

Flowers are available in many different colors which can brighten up your day. Each color has a meaning of its own and each flower is for a particular occasion. People send each other gifts to share the feeling of happiness for the occasion. These gifts are priceless for the person receiving them, as they always remind him/her of the occasion and people who gave the gift to them.

Vase is type of accessory made up of glass or any such material, which is used to place as well as arrange flowers. A Vase can also be crafted as per required to make it look attractive. Vases are available in many different shapes and sizes which can be selected as per the requirement. Their crystal look makes them look very beautiful object.

However, the beauty of the Vase can further be improved by putting flowers in it. In this type of floral arrangement a bunch of cut flowers are put in the vase. Then the Vase is decorated using some decorating material to make it look attractive. Adding Different and colorful flowers in the Vase will enhance the beauty of the Vase.

While putting the flowers in the vase one thing must be kept in mind. The size of the flowers and the vase must match. They must complement each other in size which will make the vase look appropriate. If the size of the flowers and vase are inappropriate, this will make an unsuitable match.

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When we’re gazing upon a bouquet blooming with the delicateness of daffodils, carnations, tulips, roses, or lilies, we’re always mesmerized by the beauty we can’t get enough of. We long to see something more. We long to get lost in the trance of splendor, which only this kind of exquisiteness can bestow. It’s like witnessing a miraculous creation that’s been touched only by some sort of a divine existence. But above all, it’s something that always touches a part of our soul.

This is how flowers can move people, but the magic behind it actually lies on human hands, which know how to evoke their gentle spirit. It makes a very good reason why it’s very important to choose flower arrangement carefully so as to elicit the right mood we want.

A key factor in choosing and ordering flower arrangements is understanding the creativity of florists.  Browsing through their work portfolio as seen in their sample bouquets, wreaths, corsages, and vase arrangements can do great help. There’s no doubt you can identify what’s beautiful or not, when, in fact, flowers are after all natural beauties. But it takes mastery and in depth perception of florist to make the most out of that beauty. And that’s what customers should also understand.

Normally, florists use rules in arranging flowers to be successful at it. These principles and elements encompass balance, unity, harmony, and rhythm of flower arrangements. They tackle about colors, flower proportion, texture, weight, and more. To give you an overview, here are some basic elements of floral design:

Balance – it’s the correct flower and vase proportion considering the height and width of the floral composition. The two basic categories of balance are symmetric or asymmetric. As a rule of thumb, the floral arrangement should be one and a half times the container’s height. Symmetric arrangement is characterized by having both sides equal in design. Having an axis helps to delineate how both sides would have a similar look. While the asymmetric type contains different elements on each side but still have equal weight to create a pleasant view.

Line – it refers to the curves or directional movement of the flowers. It’s important to consider the architectural design of the room to match the flowers to be placed in it. An example of this is to consider the tall windows or columns in the room to have an idea how the floral arrangement can imitate the physical features of the room.

Texture – it’s how the arrangement sets the tone. Floral elements and containers that are smooth, shiny, or glittery are great for formal or elegant settings and events. Dried materials, straw, wire, and other rough textures and rugged materials such as wood are considered informal and are best saved for more relaxed decor.

Size of elements – the size of the flowers establish their significance in the arrangement like big flowers possess greater visual weight while small flowers have to be in a greater number to equal a large flower. Having a good visualization of sizes will achieve correct balance in the arrangement.

Color of elements – determining the use of light and dark flowers to achieve harmony in an arrangement is also very important. Dark colors carry greater impression than the light colors, thus, it may take at least a number of light-colored flowers to keep up with one dark flower to maintain harmony.

Weight – florists who have good visual for weight determine the relationship of large flower to smaller flowers like the fillers to create beautiful arrangements. Every flower has a certain degree of importance but is only highlighted through the good use of elements, color, and size consideration.

We hope that these little insights on how florists make successful flower arrangements help you in your needs about ordering flowers.

Giving flowers has long been a tradition ever since the earliest civilization. In the time of Queen Victoria, which is also known as the Victorian Era, tussie mussies or nosegays were the very popular flower arrangement among people who wish to send flowers and convey their message. Since then, the practice of sending flowers as gifts and keepsakes became the most effective way to express a person’s affection, sympathy, and even aversion.  The modern times perhaps have taught people to modify a bit of this practice as today everyone believes that receiving flowers from a person only means positive which may actually be true given the beautiful and lovely nature of flowers—to send flowers only means a person’s affection, sympathy, or good reckoning.

So, we all know about bouquets and flower giving, but what others may not know about is flowers don’t just always have to come in the form of bouquets, tussie mussies, or freshly-picked single stem, which, by the way, are all sweet methods nevertheless.

Modern professional florists especially in online flower delivery services and even in flower shops along the streets offer another way to send your emotionally-packed message to the person or people who are special to you. Now, they’ve come up with an equally special flower arrangement that fully expresses your thoughts and emotions in the most splendid way you can ever imagine. And perhaps at this point, you would have already guessed it.

Yes, that’s right…flower arrangements in vases and pots.

Through the creative minds of professional flower growers and florists, you now have this wonderful option which after all is practical. Isn’t it when we receive flowers we always want to savour their beauty and preserve the feelings they provoke and we always put them in a vase? If the answer is yes, then sending flowers in a vase is absolutely an innovation and provides an opportunity that allows our recipient to cherish our gift in convenience and extend time.

Flower arrangements in vases you see in online flower delivery may seem easy to make. Of course with the use of professional hands, flowers look pretty plump and lush in a bunch as if florists just do a little of sticking and thrusting as they get inspiration from an orchestral music in allegro.

As a flower enthusiast that you are, learning and understanding the art of floristry and the different flower arrangements in vases may be quite helpful. You can actually get ideas from flowers sold in shops and make one special arrangement for yourself or as a present.

So, to give you a bit of a background, flower arrangements come actually in various shapes and not just what you see in flower advertisements. These arrangements however significantly contain the elements of proportion and balance to achieve success. By proportion we mean that it has to look comfortable with its size, shape, and container, while balance pertains to the equal weight or strength where the two sides of the plane should look adequate or identical. Without further ado, here are basic flower arrangements that can help you with your choice:

  1. Vertical – uses tall, narrow containers. Flowers are positioned in vertical direction with few flowers or foliage going in other directions.
  2. Horizontal – uses short and rectangular vases. It positions flowers and foliage along the horizontal line with the center as the focal point and has balanced weight on all sides (common in most table centrepieces).
  3. Oval – resembles a bush where no distinct points are clear on the top or on the sides. Larger blooms are usually placed in the center while smaller ones and foliage around the sides. Long stemmed flowers can also be used pointing outside the oval form. It can be viewed from all angles.
  4. Triangular – an arrangement with pyramid effect or a display with height greater than its width. The focal point’s at the center but may also vary in irregular triangle formations.
  5. Bud Vase – the most versatile arrangement, which flower shops normally market as gifts. It can be a vertical or oval design. It’s created using single stem to several stems of different flowers.

There may be numerous of modern flower arrangements out there and the good thing is you can actually learn to do them. You can try out doing a practice arrangement after reading all the rules and drafting your ideas, or buy flowers in a particular arrangement and study how they’re positioned. But remember, let yourself communicate with the flowers so that you may understand how they would want to look in your masterpiece.

Flowers are perfect for any types of occasion; aside from that, they also make good decorations. If you would like to brighten up your living room or add some decorations especially if you are expecting a visitor, you might want to consider using flowers as an added decoration. Fresh floral plants would make a good decoration and it can also brighten up the room so that when the visitor arrives at your home, it will have a positive aura to the visitor.

On the other hand, if you would like to make the floral arrangements even more attractive, you can add a matching vase that will compliment the beauty of the floral arrangements. A vase that matches the flowers will further enhance the beauty of the latter. You can check out various websites that are offering flowers delivery online to those who would like to have freshly picked blossoms.

When it comes to matching the vase with the floral arrangement, you should always keep in mind that these two should either compliment or contrast one another. In choosing a vase, you have to make sure that it is not multi-colored since the blossoms are already colorful. The vase that you will choose should also not be very elaborate because it will catch more attention than the floral arrangements.

The color of the vase should just be neutral. Some of the most popular choices for vase colors would be cream, beige, white, or pastel. The colors should be enough to bring out the natural beauty of the floral arrangements and not to outweigh it. The brightly tinted ceramic vases are not intended to be used along with floral arrangements because they are too beautiful and might even outweigh the beauty of the flowers.

Aside from the color and the design of the vase, another important consideration would be the height of the floral arrangement. Tall flowers should be placed in a tall type of vase. When you place the floral arrangements on the tall vase, the height would be a half taller than the original height of the arrangement.

In addition, it is also important to consider the shape of the vase. Actually, there are four different types of shapes for  vase flowers. The most traditional shape of the vase would be those that have a wide mouth which are intended for the profusion of the blossoms. On the other hand, the cylindrical vases are tall and with straight sides. These cylindrical vases are suitable for tulips and roses. There are also flat vases that are low and often wide. These are meant for floral arrangements which need to be floating in water. There are also some bottle flower vases which has a narrow mouth, as opposed to the flat vases. The cherry blossoms and other delicate flowers would perfectly suit the bottle flower vase.

As long as you have these different types of vases, you’d be able to place any type of flower inside your home. It won’t even be difficult for you to look for the right type of vase for every type of flower. Keep in mind that if you match the right type of vase, your floral arrangement would be more beautiful.

When it comes to choosing the right type of vase to match with the flowers, there are a lot of considerations to make. You need to make sure that the floral arrangements are matched with the vase so that it will look better and more beautiful.