August 26, 2010 Special Flowers

The sustenance of life on earth is dependent on the availability of plants on our planet and they aid us in living a normal life which contributes to the life on earth. Plants are classified under the category of living organisms and they specially are a part of the living kingdom which is known as the ‘Plantae’. There are several categories of plants which are included in the Kingdom Plantae and they include the trees, bushes, herbs, ferns, vines, mosses, grasses and the green algae as well. There is a separate branch in science which is related to the study of plants and plant parts and this branch of science is known as botany and there is more than 350,000 plant species which is included under the plant variety.

‘Phyta’ means plants and the current segregation of the plant varieties includes the Land plants or the Embryophyta, the Green plants or the Viridiphyta and the Archaeplastida or the Primoplantae. Algae and fungi are also included under plants species and they are a significant part of the animal kingdom. There is wide disparity in the plant species falling in these groups. Of the 350,000 known plant species, we have the bryophytes seed plants, ferns and fern allies. It is the presence of plants on earth that helps to maintain the level of oxygen in the atmosphere thereby which we humans can live. They can take in carbon dioxide and can release oxygen into the air and it is this oxygen that we inhale for our own life. This unique process by which the exchange of the atmospheric gases occurs is known as Photosynthesis.

Plants further more bless us by offering fruits and flowers which are accepted by the human kind with open arms. We all like to eat fresh fruits and also understand the need of these substances in our life which actually strengthens our body from the inside.